Software Consulting

You’re right ! As a startup, we take small steps. We bring with us knowledge from our mentors & best practises from our past organisations. In order to reduce risks in engaging with a startup like ours, we demonstrate our work to meet your expectations; else our time and effort are FREE !


Design Thinking using Agile principles

Are you an individual or a startup in India looking to build user stories around your new product? Do you feel we could work together in better shaping problem scenarios, value propositions and alternatives? We look forward to a constructive discussion with you.

Mobility Applications & Internet of Things

We design & develop custom software applications targeting mobile, Internet of Things devices using Android SDK. We also write scripts using python programming language for validating proof-of-concept use cases, test automation & data analysis.

Practising Software Architecture

The foundation for anything good starts with an intention & a plan. When it comes to software, if you believe in systematic approach to development helps in saving time & costs in the long run, we should get into a conversation.

Quality Assurance & Engineering

Quality assurance is about cherry picking combinations of use case scenarios that add value to overall software development life cycle. In the age of rapidly evolving technology ecosystem, we utilise our expertise to positively contribute to enhance the maturity of any software product.